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Testimonials for Stellar Editorial and Valerie C. Coffey
Valerie is a highly skilled writer with a deep knowledge of the physical sciences and their applications, particularly in the areas of lasers and optics. As the Managing Editor of Optics & Photonics News--a monthly news magazine for optical physicists and engineers--I recently contracted with Valerie to write a feature article for our January 2011 issue. Valerie was easy to work with right from the start. She took more initiative than most writers in identifying and fleshing out the scope of her article. She researched the article thoroughly and displayed a highly sophisticated understanding of her subject matter. She also found excellent sources and graphics for us, and her article quickly became our cover story for that month. Valerie is an editor's dream!”

Christina Folz
Editor and Content Director
Optics & Photonics News, Optical Society of America

Valerie is a talented writer. As a journalist, Valerie has top-notch skills when it comes to interviewing and fact-checking. Combined with a sense of good judgement, Valerie can report on trends and issues in any industry. She never misses a deadline. Her work ethic is top grade. I highly recommend her work.” 

Kathy Doyle
VP Content Marketing
JAZD Markets

Valerie combines three talents that are essential for technical editors these days: top-notch writing ability, excellent technical knowledge (I know her as a colleague in the photonics field, but she also writes well in general physics, and of course in her specialty of astronomy), and those needed social and networking skills. She doesn't hide behind her desk; she's out making contacts and friends. Those contacts invariably result in more and better content.” 

John Wallace
Senior Editor
Laser Focus World

As a contributing writer to Connector Specifier magazine, I took pride in rewriting until it hurt. But it never failed, Valerie could continually find ways to improve my articles before they went to print. For that I owe her my gratitude. With sharp insight, she consistently produced the highest quality of work that could be expected from an editor. What a pleasure it has been to work with her.” 

Raoul Benoit
MarCom Coordinator
Lumberg Automation

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